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Here are some fascinating facts about things in everyday life that might shock you.
This will change the view of the world

This will change the view of the world

The only one that I know is for sure inaccurate is the one about Winnie the Pooh. The actual bear the stories are based off of was a female, but the character was not. Winnie the Pooh is most definitely a male.

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Random Fact #5 -> idk if these are true, but they're cool, at least

Random Fact #5

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30 actual facts. ACTUAL facts! Pinning under "Mind Blowing" because these are totes mind blowing!!!

30 actual facts.

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This actually happened in Athens once. This lady went to Egypt to get her medical eduction and then came back home pretending to be a man and when the percentage of women surviving childbirth went up under her care the other doctors got jealous and accused her of sleeping with her patients, to which she replied by taking off all of her clothes and asking them if they still thought that and that was how Athens allowed women to be doctors

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Cross sea - WTF fun fact

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Shooting Two Guns At Once DOES Look Cool #lol

Shooting Two Guns At Once DOES Look Cool #lol

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Cat refused to leave its owner’s grave - WTF fun fact

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: Stadium in Brazil is right on the Equator - WTF fun facts | April 5 2016 at 02:30AM |

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