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Rand Paul Views

from Mail Online

Jack Frost bites at Landscape Photographer of the Year competition with incredible picture of wintry scene

Photograph of Rawhead woods in Cheshire by Peter Clark. I really need to save up for a nice camera... :(

from CNN

A Donald Trump presidency? Yikes (Opinion) -

Trump has been pulled out of the bankruptcy a multitude of times by leaving everyone else with the bills. If by some catastrophic blunder he gets elected president, who pulls the people out of the mess he leaves?

from Business Insider

'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul: 'Everyone Is Going To Be Very Happy' With The End Of The Show

'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul: 'Everyone Is Going To Be Very Happy' With The…

from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Sunday Images ….

Right on, Rand Paul!

from Julep

paul rand

"Don't try to be original, just try to be good." -Paul Rand


Love the dark framed glass room - modern take on a conservatory

from Etsy

Palm Tree Fabric - Tropical Home Office Fabric, Curtains Bedding Upholstery, Decorative Fabric, HCV8260-Cream

Palm Tree Fabric: Tropical Hawaiian Fabric This high quality upholstery fabric features colorful and stunning array of Palm Trees on a cream background. A one of the best-selling fabric that has been around for about a decade. This upholstery fabric is good for home and office use. Great material for furnitures, bedding, sofa, duvet, curtains, cushions. Photo #2 & 3: Courtesy by Valerie [View her beautiful work at] > High quality 100% Cotton Bark > Medium ...


Tell Rand Paul To Fight Corruption! Save U.S.A. From Moral And Financial Ruin. "In God We Trust."