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Ran Paul

Nigel Mansell gives his rival Ayrton Senna lift back to the pits after Senna's car ran out of petrol on the last lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone 1991.


'Crossroads' ran from 1964-1988, set in [fictional] 'King's Oak' in the Midlands near Birmingham. It starred Beryl Johnstone, Noele Gordon, Jane Rossington, Roger Tonge, Ronald Allen, Zeph Gladstone, Sue Lloyd, Susan Hanson, Paul Henry, Ann George, Tony Adams, Kathy Staff, Gabrielle Drake, Terence Rigby, Carl Andrews, Jane Asher, Jane Gurnett, Maria Charles, among others.


'Just Good Friends' ran from 1983-1986, starring Paul Nicholas and Jan Francis as Vincent Pinner and Penny Warrender, who meet in a pub five years after he jilted her at the altar.


Terry Pratchett: Grannie Weatherwax, Nannie Ogg and Magrat. ~- "We've got a lot of experience of not having any experience" - "But the point is... the point is... the point is we've not been experienced for a lot longer than you." Artwork by Paul Kidby from "Witches abroad" by Terry Pratchett (1948-2015)

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The Newman Chronicles

Paul Newman in New York City during the filming of Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1956. By Sanford Roth.


LOS ANGELES � Actor Bernie Hamilton, who played the no-nonsense police captain on the 1970s TV series "Starsky and Hutch," has died. Description from I searched for this on

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For a birthday present Yoko knitted John a tie, and a diamond and ruby American flag brooch, about $75,000. John pinned in on himself right away and paraded around the studio with it on. Shortly after John returned from the bathroom, someone asked “Hey, John where’s the brooch?” John went pale and ran back to the bathroom where he found the brooch on the floor next to the toilet. He then posed for the photo above showing him sheepishly showing off the brooch with a smile of relief!