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Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, and Bill Murray mess around on the set of Zombieland.


Squad 51 And Rampart - bought the DVDs for my son. He loves them as much as I did!

Actor Richard Gere will travel to present a special screening of Time Out of Mind, accompanied by the director Oren Moverman, whose film Rampart competed in the Official Selection in 2011


emergency television show photos | ... , Julie London, Robert Fuller in Emergency, 1975. From

Lisa Kelley- The Voice- March 14th. One of the most magical songs in the world. Just makes you want to run into the woods and run wild. 8)


Julie London played "Dixie McCall, R.N" on "Emergency!". She's one of my favorite nurses on the show

Emergency! Why I became a paramedic. ~ I liked this show(mostly due to my love of helping others (medically) and saving lives brings me happiness