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Where’s Rambha Now? :

"For Every Girl There Is A Certain Age When She Looks Naturally Beautiful..After That Maturity Starts Reflecting On Her Face & Innocence Takes A Backseat..So Being Able To Project Yourself As A Teenager Convincibgly When You Are Far Ahead Having Left It Long Behind Is Truly A Challenge For Any Actress!!!" (RAMBHA Said It)

“That Became A Sort Of Trend Perhaps And Most Of The Roles That Were Offered To Me Were Of A Prostitute Or Something Like That...As, I Never Wanted To Do Those Roles Again & Again. So I Packed My Bags & Went To The South...Again!!!” (RAMBHA Said It)


"I Am Really Very Happy With My Career In South...As, It Has Given Me Recognition. Today, I Am Recognised In Any Part Of The World, People Come And Talk To Me, they Talk About My Dance, My Moves, My Films . I Am Truly Humbled To Be A Part Of This Industry!!!" (RAMBHA Said It)

"Looking Back, I Think I Have Done Good Work On The Whole, So, I Have No Regrets Really..Everyone,Goes Through Ups & Downs In Their Careers...Even AMITABHjee Had His Bad Patches..What Ultimately Matters Is You Don't Take Decisions In Haste That You Find Hard To Live With Later...Once,You Move On In Life!!!" (RAMBHA Said It)

"Actors & Actresses Don't Need To Prove Themselves Right Through The Film...If You Are Genuinely Good, Then You Can Steal The Thunder & Prove Yourself In Just One Or Two Scenes!!!" (RAMBHA Said It)