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The Utah desert usually has an arid and unforgiving landscape, but if you catch it after a rainy season it is alive with an extraordinary explosion of colour and life

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Salar De Uyumi, a salt flat in Bolivia. It dries up during rainy season leaving…

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Ko'olau Mountains - Oahu, Hawaii They are so beautiful during the rainy season! The mountains my home is at the feet of. I love Hawaii and am so blessed to live here.

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Its from kerala with a beautifull relationship of animal and the elephant in the rainy season.

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Zimbabwe - On the road - a strip road. I've looked and looked for a picture of this. Miles of 2 tarmac strips for the tires.When we went to live in Zimbabwe in 1977 the road from Beit Bridge to Harare looked like this. What an adventure.

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Surviving Portland Rainy Season - Things to Do in Portland in Winter

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HOW TO SURVIVE PORTLAND’S RAINY SEASON: Stop complaining about the rain. You're #blessed.