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it's raining tacos from out of the sky, tacos no need to ask why just open your and close your eyes it's raining tacos!

26 Annoying Things Latinos Are Tired Of Hearing

Everywhere else in the country: “You’re all Mexican, right?” | 26 Annoying Things Latinos Are Tired Of Hearing

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Last night was a double whammy of bizarre torrential rains and the ominous specter of Friday the 13th, yet we still had a terrific turn out of current and new fans! We are seriously humbled by the folks that took the time to pay us a visit last night. Check out our latest blog posting thanking everyone:

gotta-strange-magic-therpg: “ stovallsspanish: “ goldwerewolf: “ gotta-strange-magic-therpg: “ goldwerewolf: “ stovallsspanish: “ I feel super sad today. I am going to just lay on the floor and let...