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Trees are the lungs of our earth! Protect the rainforests. Ancient forests are disappearing before our eyes. Not only does forest loss eliminate wildlife habitat and harm biodiversity, but tropical deforestation releases tons of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. Help us protect forests and the climate. Read more.

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Clean Air or Clean Hair? Palm Oil In Everything

Glenn Hurowitz of Grist to the rescue. He wrote a great op-ed in the LA Times about the omnipresence of palm oil in everything from shampoo to cookies, finding rhino-killer in Oreos, Chewy Chips Ahoy!, Orville Redenbacher's popcorn, Hershey's Kisses "Hugs," Twix and more. And not just the mainstream stuff: it's in products from Burts Bees, Trader Joes, Whole Foods and other "green" sources.

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Fears for Brazil rainforest after environment minister quits

This is so upsetting. Imagine if this was your pets home. Well it most likely is, and can u imagine what they feel about you chopping it down?

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Yachtsman describes horror at ‘dead’, rubbish strewn Pacific Ocean

Yachtsman describes horror at ‘dead’, rubbish strewn Pacific Ocean | Environment |

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Investors Wave Goodbye to Palm Oil Dollars - Truthdig| LONDON—The divestment movement, which has persuaded many companies, institutions and individuals to sell their shares in fossil fuel companies, has had a major success in another business that drives climate change—the palm oil industry. Although palm oil has many beneficial uses, its production is a driver of rainforest destruction and habitat loss for rare species

5 consumer products linked to illegal rainforest destruction

Drone footage shows what rainforest destruction really looks like

Forest Heroes captures the environmental impact of a palm oil company in Indonesia on camera.

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Soybean Demand and Amazon Rainforest Destruction

Magazine and is creating a living, evolving green community by re-inventing and implementing new sustainability, alchemy and mythology tools and principles.

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