Rainbow pass the parcel game, can be modified for a different theme with maybe a riddle or clue for an animal or insect--could be great for Enrichment.

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Ultimate Rainbow Party Theme Guide: 9 Fun Rainbow Party Game Ideas & Activities. These rainbow games are perfect for a rainbow party! DIY or buy depending on what you have time for!

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Free printable pin the tail on Rainbow Dash game! Perfect for a My Little Pony party!

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The Ultimate Rainbow Party Guide! Rainbow food, rainbow games and activities, rainbow decor ideas to make or buy, rainbow favors! Have the best rainbow birthday party out there!

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A rainbow scavenger hunt with a free printable of clues to find the colors of the rainbow! Makes a fun rainbow craft to display too!

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Musical Rainbow Walk game: Cut out square rainbow paper sheets and 2 white “cloud” sheets. Make enough squares for each child. Play some music and when the music stops, the kids stop. Whoever is on the white clouds gets a rainbow candy treat, like Skittles or Starburst. @Marie - Make and Takes

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