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The Sting...after you watch it for the first will want to watch it all over again...because everything just changed. LOVED THIS - Ads

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Details about Old Photo. Actress Maude Fealy

Old Photo. Actress Maude Fealy. Actress Maude Fealy. You are purchasing a digital reproduction of the original image. It has been produced using professional scanning equipment and skilled digital production technicians to optimize image quality. | eBay!

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Road to Singapore (1940)

Road to Singapore (1940) - Bing Crosby an Bob Hope star in the first of the 'Road to' movies.


If there’s a musical that makes you think less of the musical genre, it’s Hello, Dolly! Extravagant, pompous, shriekingly shallow and has a terribly miscast Streisand. No wonder why it bombed and sealed the death of musicals circa 1969.


Shad Thames - just east of Tower Bridge, was the largest warehouse complex in the world during the Victorian era, but has now been re-imagined as hundreds of posh urban nests. The iron bridge gantries connected the riverside Butler's Wharf with adjoining warehouses. Coo! It looks like a scene from Oliver! And it is. Parts were filmed here, & Bill Sikes fell to his death from nearby 'Jacob's Island' at the eastern end.


JAMES CAGNEY (1899 - 1986) The Roaring Twenties (1938), White Heat (1949), Mister Roberts (1955), One, Two, Three (1961)