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Radius Of A Cylinder

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Math humor - May try this in class as question, "If you have a cylinder with..... what is it's volume?" See if anyone gets it. ED


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Comparing Volumes of Cylinders, Spheres, and Cones- In this interactive from Annenberg Learner’s Learning Math, compare the volumes of a cylinder, cone, and sphere that all have the same radius and height. In the accompanying classroom activity, students fill cylinders, spheres, and cones with water in order to compare volumes of shapes with equal height and radius. They use the interactive to further explore the concept.


1): My directions, incl SA of .5 in: I cut the fabric 19 in wide. I use 2 pieces of fabric: it’s easier to insert zip. If the radius of the circle is 7 1/2 in w/o S.A, the total width must fit around. So I cut the shorter width WIDER than necessary & cut it later to fit. The longer width is about 23 inches and the shorter width about 3 inches. When fitting the tube to the cylinder, excess can be cut off. The insert should be an inch longer and wider than the form.

Cylinder head porting and polishing - how to diy guide - YouTube

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Volume of Cylinder Color By Number Activity {CCSS 8.G.C9}

Volume of Cylinder Color By Number ActivityPractice finding the volume of a cylinder with a self directed color by number activity. Students will work on solving the volume of a cylinder given radius and diameter problems. The activity could be set up in

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Volume Bundle (Cylinder, Cone & Sphere) {CCSS 8.G.C9}

Volume Bundle (Cylinder, Cone & Sphere)Practice finding the volume of cylinders, cones and spheres with this great bundle of self-directed activities. Students will work on solving the volume given radius and diameter problems with a riddle, color by numb