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I'm doing fine financially as well as academically but on the inside I feel dead and have no happiness

Doutor, não estude pra passar na prova. Estude para aquele dia em que você vai ser a única coisa que vai sobrar entre o paciente e o túmulo.


Study up on Radiation Risks: Diagnostic Imaging Procedures VS Environmental Exposure Infographic


patient positioning - KNOW THIS. So when your patient is suddenly hypotensive, you can trendelenberg them to get that pressure up or do a passive leg raise. Whoa! That technique was suggested as a method of improving cardiac output in people with shock during the First World War by Dr Walter Cannon, although 2 years later decided it was NOT beneficial. This technique should not be carried out and may be HARMFUL to do so.


shoelace87: intrainingdoc: Learn your surgical terms! This is a lifesaver for students in the operating room. Just a cutesy lil FYI This is so helpful. Especially when you’re reading a patients medical history, doctors progress notes, nursing notes, nursing exams, nclex, etc.