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How To Create a Cool Abstract Radial Pattern Design

Cool Op Art pattern in AI, and the tutorial on how to create it. I look forward to trying this out. Use with color theory? How to paint tints and shades


FOCAL POINT/EMPHASIS EX 3: The middle of this radial design is the main focal point for me. My eyes are automatically drawn towards the center and my eyes slowly wander through the rest of the design. I really like this.

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Abstract Photography by Magda Indigo

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Architecture is creativity solidified into a form of building..."the complex or carefully designed structure of something" (Google def #2). NOT necessarily as large as "a building". Here is a half-circle of stones built to rise in an arch at the still water's edge. The waters reflect it to create a perfect circle, and the stones below the water parallel the form of the stones. Martin Hill Stream Stone Circle, White Beach, New Zealand