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Racism In Australia

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Community Post: 10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn't Want You To Know

.This also happened to you in America Black people! I'm not talking about Native Americans! Look up Queen Califa! This did happen to Native Americans. What do you think a reservation is?

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Here's How David Bowie Fought For Indigenous Rights

I have always been a huge fan of david bowie, the let's dance music video is my favorite music video of his just for the fact he used it as a way to fight for indigenous people


An aborigine named, Pemulwuy, was killed and behead over land rights. Pemulwuy was the leader and a warrior of the Bidjigal people, from western Sydney who started to show his resistance at the arrival of the first fleet settlement in Australia in 1788


The Stolen Generation. Young Australian children taken from their families because the were mixed race. They called them Half-Caste, they were placed in orphanages some never to be returned to their families. This practice went on up until 1970.


Victorian treatment for mental patients. Often women were diagnosed as hysterical (anything from depression to anxiety) & placed in these cages. Any patient who was just upset in general were locked in these cages. Like farm factory animals, there was no room to bend the legs, sit up or move. Cruel treatment....If you weren’t insane when they put you into this contraption, you soon would be.

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Stolen Futures: Australia’s Aboriginal people reject racist laws‏