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MLK I'm sure is rolling over in his grave at the antics of obama and today's politics. He had a dream. We have a nightmare.


SC teacher humiliates black 1st-grader by throwing away her shoes as punishment for fidgeting. What kind of teacher would humiliate a child like this?

This song, written as a mockery of the anti-Irish prejudice that met impoverished Irish immigrants in America become an anthem for Irish in the U.S. "Some may think it a misfortune to be christened Pat or Dan, but to me it is an honor to be called an Irish man."


Previous pinner: Out of the horse's can you argue with the creator of the confederate flag? The very fact that the south still flies this flag proudly is a sad reflection of racism in America. To say it isn't is just ignorance.

from The Daily Beast

Obama: Kaepernick Has ‘Constitutional Right’ Not to Stand

During the National Anthem.

from Twitter

Patrick M on

This quote emphasizes the fact that having a black man as president simply shed light on the issue of racism in this country.


Exactly what has the GOP done for Black People recently? Vol.1 Voter Suppression.

WATCH: Whoopi Goldberg shuts down ‘View’ co-hosts for whitesplaining Kaepernick protest.

from the Guardian

James Blake's mother says 'there's no end to racism' in America

The mother of James Blake, the tennis star who was slammed to the ground by an NYPD officer last week, has suggested that race relations in America are getting worse