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Allah (SWT) has blessed us with this life, and further blessed us with knowledge of the various rules and regulations which lead to a life of goodness. These guidelines are conveyed to us by the Prophets (peace be upon them). Allah is watching all His creations as He tests us to measure our faith and its characteristics that must be expressed in word and deed, including that of patience.


Do not limit your dua’s, for it is Allah who can transform the impossible into possible with His Might.

try to recite ayat al kursi ( verse of the throne " al BAQARAH 255 " ) +the last two verses of surat al Baqarah + surat al mulk + surat al sajdah + surat al kafiroun + the last three surats of AL QURAN ( AL IKHLASS + AL FALAQ + AL NASS ) and it isnarrated that Aisha may ALLAH be pleased with her used to recite surat al issrae and surat al zumar before going to sleep .


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