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100+ Motivational Quotes On Dream, Goal And Future


You thought the "M" you received in M.A.S.H. was just a coincidence? Oh you've got some work to do! Join the #Bossbabe Netwerk (Click The Link In Our Profile Now! ) Follow @bossbabealex & @millennialrichgirl now for more inspo!

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Badass Motivation on

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Work Wish Paint Brush White Blue Calligraphic Handlettered Handlettering Motivational Inspirational Quote Poster Prints Printable Art Decor

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Why Working Hard Is The Absolute Best Thing

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Wake up!!!! Stop will all excuses stop with blaming other people for why your not where you are in life and having what you want. All the non sense needs to stop and you need put yourself first. Get your life set and prepare to succeed not be unprepared and fail. Have your meals cooked and set up ready to go to keep your nutrition on point. Get into the gym and push yourself don't just show up and go through the motion. Hard work determination preparation are all keys to becoming a better…

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10 Inspirational Quotes for the New School Year

Applies perfectly to teaching. The children don't always appreciate the hard work or understand the sacrifices teachers make but you can't ever stop putting in all you've got.

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