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UFC champion Conor McGregor has a great perspective on what it takes to be successful

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F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Quote Hand Typed on Typewriter / Typewriter Quote

F. Scott Fitzgerald Great Gatsby Quote I think this quote is very important in the history, because it explain everithing on Gatsby's lifestyle. Also it´s beautiful

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only you can find what makes you happy and once you discover it within .. you will shine for all to see..

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Storm in a cupcake: How innocent question 'is this glitter edible?' on The Great British Bake Off sparked national fairy cake pandemonium

"Storm in a cupcake: How Miranda star sparked pandemonium after question over 'edible glitter' she used on Great British Bake Off reveals it's 'not to be consumed'" How can you put something on a cupcake and not know if whether it's safe to eat or not? [Just sayin'!]

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How To Mindfully Approach The New Year

With 2017 just around the corner, there's no better time to slow down, reflect, and try to incorporate some calm into our busy lives. If you're hoping to increase your focus on wellbeing in the new year, approaching 2017 mindfully is a great place to start. Practicing mindfulness means many different things to different people, from reducing your dependence on technology and increasing your awareness of the present moment, to decluttering in order to find calm.

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Don't Give Up

Don't Give Up — Sacha Stewart

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Every time I feel like things can't get any worse, something positive always comes up to show me light at the end of a tunnel.

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12 Tips On Staying Inspired (useful for New Years Resolutions!!)   #Infographic #Health #Inspired

12 Tips On Staying Inspired (useful for New Years Resolutions!!) #Infographic #Health #Inspired

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I strongly believe that your words have power in them, so whenever I feel the urge to complain I will often say the total opposite of what I want to! So on a beautiful morning like this one in which I'm in the very purest of health, I have to say that I am wonderously happy and that this in fact will be the best day ever!

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Never Stop Looking Up by Lamplighter London. Watercolour and calligraphy design donated to We Smile High for charity.

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"Someone once told me not to bite off more than I could chew. I said I'd rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity."

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Louisa May Alcott quote A4 art print, Inspiring Quote, Inspiration, gift for her, gift for mother, illustration, girl gift, literature

Louisa May Alcott quote art print by EpoqueGraphics on Etsy LOVE this quote!!! Great motherhood reminder.

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Quotes to live by Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is one of the most respected figures in the whole world. He believed was the most intelligent person who has ever lived on this earth. Believed to have IQ (Intellligence Quotient) or intelligence quotient of more than 180, Albert Einstein was already recognized as a great person.

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Patrick Stewart: the legacy of domestic violence

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Nothing wrong whatsoever with a father and son relationship that's more hands-on. If we can hug and comfort them when they're a toddler, we can hug and comfort them when they're thirty!

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