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I'll admit I find this hard to do. As my thirties approach, I've started thinking I should do this, have this by now. It's tricky to ignore and fight against what society tells you, you should have by a certain time.

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But don't expect someone to put effort into you if you aren't putting any into them. I've been on both sides of this and learned the hard way.

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Not sure who the author is but SPOT ON!!! . #healing #recovery #allwehaveisnow

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heart 25 will be yours very soon. Abraham-Hicks. for great motivation, health and fitness tips, check us out at: Follow us on Facebook at:

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Harry Potter Digital Art Print - Function of a Rubber Duck Quote - Mr Arthur Weasley - Muggles - Funny - Movie - Fandom - 8"x10" Print by OutlineArt

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Hannah blogs about how her friend judged her following her diagnosis of depression, and the powerful impact that had on her. #endstigma

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Maintain your vibration. Stay in your alignment. Be present. You are doing great. Focus on the highest within you. Stay in appreciation. Live in your now. Be your love. Remember your peace. Shine your light. You are one with the source within.

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cwote: “ it’s okay to get down and be sad sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you…

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