Oh, how I see this happen a lot. And... You'll never look good trying to point out that someone was wrong. More

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I'm super kind in general. But there are people or situations that bring out the bitchy side of me. Usually, it's bc of negativity, immaturity, whiny, disrespect, cruel acts, rudeness, stupidity, ignorance, violence. If standing up for myself and others, being truthful, and outspoken makes me one...Idc. I'm a "bitch" when I fight against the wrong. I do snap and say hurtful things when pushed to the limit or annoyed by immaturity. At least I'm not the evil, bitter kind of bitchy though?

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Don't settle for crumbs or be manipulated for someone else's convenience. https://www.google.com/blank.html

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Especially amused by the use of the word "proof". Truly this a candidate for some kind of Excellence In Stupidity award.

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If you can't beat them - repress their entire gender. Just one more reason for me to not support professional sports.

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I feel like that woman in line that believed her might have been my sister or sister in law lol

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