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#Quotes by #Buddha - When we give without expecting anything in return, blessings we receive back. -


#Quotes by #Buddha - Every person we meet is a reflection of something within ourselves. People are the mirrors of our inner Self. When people upset us, these people can teach us the most by their being. -


#Quotes by #Buddha - Your salvation is in your own hands. Only you can free your own mind. The Buddha can only show you how. -


This is me today... hopeful, and excited by the possibilities never before thought possible! ♡

The is so true. I have meditated for many years and have experienced this personally. It is very powerful, it's like I have an internal switch that I can control when something angers me or I feel uncomfortable. I don't have to be held hostage by feelings or others actions. It's by new norm and a process I work with daily to improve. It's very powerful, it makes me feel more in control of my life and I also feel more connected to the rest of life. ~ AROIS


#Quotes by #Buddha - A person following the desires and wants of their mind is a person trapped inside themselves. To be free, one must achieve a neutral mind free from all want and desire. -