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sometimes it scares me how much i think about going out for a walk and never coming home. how willing i am to leave everything i have and everyone i know

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I am a retired dreamer who finds it hard to kick the habit. A lover of music, of words, of beauty in simple things. I believe that perfect silence spent together often says more than all the words ever uttered. This is about self expression, and things...

Not my words, but agree 100%- Scott/ Character is revealed in certain, sometimes subtle, ways. For example, pay attention to how people treat waiters/waitresses and anyone in jobs of service. If they give them a hard time, order them around, etc., it speaks volumes about their POOR character. Yet, when confronted with this, they always justify their behavior. RUN, don't walk, far away from these people.

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Love this so much! Have faith in the his work, he is for you. No naysayers or non-supporters can take that away! <3 Best advice I love it! #quote #life

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moon, indie, Dream, sad, vintage, sleep, depression, grunge, soft, tired, lost, dark, white, away, quote, run away, hipster, cool, text, stars, depressed, picture, sky, night

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