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Top 30 Quotes about change


Let's do this Monday!! Excited for a great week ahead. Declare one thing you are grateful for about this week below. Let's start this week with some major gratitude! Xx #truth #gratitude #monday by nitikachopra


It’s Sunday night, but by the time this post is published it will be Monday morning. One of my favorite days of the week. While I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of Monday I know most people are not-so-secretly dreading it. I predict that once this is posted, there will already be about two dozen, …


4 Mental Habits of Successful Business Owners

“I like to set goals that aren't driven by chasing success, but rather to be better than I was before, or pushing my personal boundaries. If you create something of value either to yourself or someone else, success inevitably finds you.” #LiveHappier #MotivationMonday


Inspire Yourself To Perfection With These Motivational Quotes For Women

Motivational quotes work as a constant reminder for you to work hard for your dreams. Dreams form achievements only when you try to. It is about setting up goals and striving for them till you achieve. So let these quotes guide and be as your companion in journey to meet your target.


22 Mood-Boosting Quotes That Remind You To KILL IT This Week

Inspirational vibes for your Monday

happy relationship quotes -


What is in Our Productivity Tool Box (The Fresh Exchange)

Good ole’ Teddy. He doesn’t disappoint when it comes to clear cut wisdom does he? I love this quote though because it is such an important reminder of the impor