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ME !!!! Or me, either, Jody (pinner I repinned this from). Work out, drink too much, get a cold, sprain an ankle - you recover from it eventually. I'm so sick of this shit (sorry, just being honest) never goes away. And I'm really, really tired of feeling this way and working so hard just to make the best of it.

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You don't know how close i wanna be to you, i wanna tell you my feelings but you still have a wall. How can one boy control all my emotions?

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I wish I was not as replaceable as you show ..maybe I was never meant to be yours maybe I was never that important part of your life .. though I'm dying inside thousand times inside that it's not me Am at least glad you are happy


I don't know how to not miss you. It seems that you have taken up a permanent residence in the place that used to be my heart, but now is just a sea of thoughts about you- h.v.


Walking away from things sometimes allows you to see who's going to chase you, but sometimes walking away from someone you care about isn't right. You can't spend your life walking away and hoping to be followed, sometimes staying and being happy together is more important than pushing someone away to see their reaction.