A fail-safe, detailed recipe to make quince jelly. Gorgeous ruby jars await!

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Easy recipe to prepare quince jelly or membrillo, a typical dessert eaten in Spain. Very sweet, dense jelly made from the fruit of the quince tree.

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Quince Jelly - must make something with our quinces this year We make Engraved Oak Gifts - www.bettyanddodge.co.uk

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DURBAN CHICKEN CURRY--If you like South African style curry this dish is insane. To say that this might be the best chicken I have ever made is no understatement. And it just happened by chance.

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Two treats from one oh-so-easy Annabel Langbein recipe. Simply simmer whole quinces in a sugar syrup till tender, then make a glorious ruby jelly from the syrup and a delicious quince paste from the poached fruit. You'll find the recipe here http://www.annabel-langbein.com/recipes/quince-conserve--paste/275/ #recipeoftheweek

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