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Large wall Quilt Hanger that hold up to six quilts. Many options, from woods, stain, sizes to choice from.

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The Waterfall rack can display 6 quilts in a small amount of space. Measurements: 60″ tall, 18″ deep at base, 6″ deep at top, rungs 24″ or 30″ wide. Overall width 25.5″ or 31.5″.

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An excellent reason to keep a sentimental piece. Use an old baby crib as a quilt rack.

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Lori from Humble Quilts blog. This is her quilt rack - The rods are closet rods. You would only need to put in 3 rods unless the quilts you want to display are very small. These are not small quilts so I cannot fit quilts on each rod.

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