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Queen Victoria Wedding

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Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria wearing her wedding dress

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Nice pad, but I bet Kate changes the wallpaper! As Kensington Palace opens to the public after a £12m makeover we take an exclusive tour of Kate and Will's new home

Queen Victoria's silk and lace trimmed wedding gown. She was married to Prince Albert on 10 February 1840. The gown is on display at Kensington Palace.

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Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria's Wedding Dress 1840 Wedding Gown Shown in 2002.Queen Victoria married her cousin, Albert, in 1840 in this wedding gown, which is here shown in a 2012 exhibition as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrating 60 years since the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The gown, of silk trimmed with lace, was designed by Mrs. Bettans, one of Victoria's dressmakers.


Princess Alice of the United Kingdom (daughter of Queen Victoria), in wedding dress, 1862. Her father, Prince Albert, had died less than a year before. The veil is the one her daughter, Alexandra, wore on her wedding day to Tsar Nicholas III. Just before Princess Alice's wedding she wore mourning black and right after the wedding she put back on the mourning black. Queen Victoria and some of Princess Alice's siblings cried during her wedding.

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Pictures: Royal Wedding Dresses, and What They Meant

Princess Beatrice of the United Kingdom wearing a tiara of diamond stars given to her by her mother on the occasion of her marriage to Henry of Battenburg. She is alos wearing Victoria's wedding veil of Honiton lace. She was the only one of Victoria's daughters to be given the privilege of wearing her mother's veil. Her wedding took place on the Isle of Wight.


Princess Louise of Prussia who married Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (Arthur William Patrick Albert), in 1878


History of Welsh Gold. From Queen Victoria to Kate Middleton their wedding rings have been made from Welsh gold