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Quartus 2

191: Honorius IV, Papa HONORIUS Quartus; 2 April 1285 – 3 April 1287 (2 years, 1 day); Giacomo Savelli; c.75 / 77

183: Urban IV, Papa URBANUS Quartus; 29 August 1261 – 2 October 1264 (3 years, 34 days); Jacques Pantaléon; c.66 / 69; Instituted the feast of Corpus Christi (1264).

142) Sergius IV, Papa SERGIUS Quartus; 31 July 1009 – 12 May 1012 (2 years, 286 days); Pietro Boccadiporco; 44 / 47; Member of the Order of Saint Benedict.

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1рог бокового желудочка (передний frontale (anterius)); 2боковой ventriculi lateralis , центральная часть, pars centralis); 3рог бокового желудочка (cornu ventriculi lateralis задний occipitale; 4рог бокового желудочка (cornu ventriculi lateralis нижний temporale (inferius); 5межжелудочковое отверстие (foramen interventriculare) ; 6 III желудочек (ventriculus tertius) ; 7водопровод мозга (сильвиев водопровод) (aquaeductus cerebri (Sylvii); 8 IV желудочек (ventriculus quartus) .

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QUARTUS Wooden clock kit

The Quartus kit contains all the hardware and wooden parts necessary to make an attractive and accurate clock, all you further need are moderate skills, a few tools and a drive weight, the shown brass weight shell is not included, but can also be ordered separately. You can see the Quartus in action here:- To see the Quartus build tutorial take a look here:- The 35 page ring bound instructions as well…