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Frederick Wilfred's photographs of London street life

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Griddled asparagus with quail’s eggs and chorizo - olive magazine.

Griddled asparagus with quail’s eggs and chorizo. A simple dinner-party starter. Once the egg, asparagus and chorizo are cooked, it's a quick an easy assembly job. Quail’s eggs are a bit fiddly to peel but they look very pretty in this salad. If you want to use hen’s eggs, cook 6 in boiling water for 7 minutes then cool in iced water and peel and quarter to serve.

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Life Hacks on

Battleshots Drinking Game, this could get bad results if using liqueur. Sounds like a good time though :)

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Brooklyn boys - 1946. Kid's just hanging out being kids. No TV, no video games, just the streets and their friends for entertainment. #photography #vivianmaier

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Crownhole - The Bottle Cap Bouncing Game That Combines Cornhole With Quarters

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