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1967. How do you begin to describe the joy visiting Spitalfieldslife? A wonderful way to fall for London again. Updated daily. The Gentle Author is the first thing I read each day.


What is a Quaker? Most people are unfamiliar with the Quaker religion, or they confuse us for the guy on the Quaker Oats box. In this video, we ask 6 Friends what it means to be a practicing Quaker. - 4:57 ▶


"Religion should be practiced within our hearts every day, and not be confined to houses of worship" ~ Frank Sonnenberg


George Lakey, a Swarthmore professor, explaines the origins and rationalism of pacifism in the Quaker religion. He states that the spirit Quaker's believe in is not contradictory or hypocritical, it will not call for peace, love and understanding one moment and then war another. The spirit Quaker’s believe in is consistent. He goes on to give historical groundings for Quaker’s belief in pacifism. Later in his talk he makes the claim that nonviolence movements are more effective.

Religion Gives Us the World’s Largest Mental Disorder – Religithexia in5d in 5d body mind soul spirit