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This Is How The Nation Reacted to Qandeel Baloch’s Murder

from Reuters

Brother admits 'honor killing' of Pakistani social media star

Social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch, who was strangled in what appeared to be an ''honour killing,'' in Multan, Pakistan, is pictured in a selfie on her Facebook page. Qandeel Baloch/Facebook/via Reuters

from the Guardian

'Honour' killings, hypocrisy, and the moral policing reserved only for women

Pakistani fashion model and social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch


Facebook, Instagram removed Qandeel Baloch

from BBC News

Qandeel Baloch: Murdered Pakistan celebrity's parents speak of pain

Pakistani celebrity Qandeel Baloch's parents tell the BBC of their closeness to her and their bitterness towards their son, who says he murdered her.


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from BuzzFeed

Discussion Over Honour Killings Grows In Pakistan After Qandeel Baloch's Murder

Qandeel Baloch’s Murder Pushed Pakistan To Take A Giant Step Toward Reducing Honour Killings Pakistani laws allow families to “forgive” honour killings, which automatically drops all murder charges. Not this time.

from BuzzFeed

What Pakistani Feminists Want You To Know About Qandeel Baloch's Murder

What Pakistani Feminists Want You To Know About Qandeel Baloch’s Murder - "Qandeel’s brother may have been the one to kill her, but patriarchy as a whole slowly strangled her voice and her freedom."