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Elaborate gold coronation pectoral ornament from the tomb of King Tutankhamen, found inside one of the boxes in the treasury room. The central figure is the king himself with the khepresh crown and the crook and the flail in his hands. Ptah is facing the king and above his head is a cobra.

Desc from the exhibit, Staffordshire Hoard : Pair of swords pyramids, with cloisonné and blue glass decoration. We think that these pyramids were fastened to the ends of a leather band which was attached to the scabbard and could be tied around the handle of the sword. This would have stopped the sword being drawn in anger, because the owner would have had to untie the band first. Bands like these are called 'peace bands' in the slightly later Viking sagas. Found in the Sutton Hoo ship…

This is one of the statues from egypt.This is the werewolf leader Anubis.He was actually found with a pack of wolves.(every picture on pyramids are true)


Archers.Old Kingdom.Dynasty 4,reign of Khufu or Khafre,ca. 2551–2494 B.C.From Egypt, Memphite Region,Lisht North, Pyramid Complex of Amenemhat I,Original probably from Giza.The archers wear crossed bands on their chests identifying them as soldiers. The style of the block places it in Dynasty 4, making it the earliest preserved battle scene. It was probably carved during the period spanning the reigns of Khufu, the builder of the Great Pyramid at Giza, and Khafre, builder of the second…


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