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Pvc Joints

Photo uploaded by Erica Duncan Sensory Repin by Gail Zahtz- a great DIY sensory project for any age or budget in even a tiny space.


YES. Make your own baby gym. Easy to dismantle and pack away in a flat. Pick your own toys that are good for babies not just colour co-ordinated with the rest of the over-priced thing. Sorted. I think I could even stretch to making a carrier for it when we go away. And you can easily take the toys off and put them on a buggy or to play with loose.


You can make some armatures using pvc pipe. Dress them in second hand clothes and make zombies, witches, whatever. A cheap Styrofoam wig head and mask give you a lot of options.Tons of good ideas can be found on the monster list too


Campfire anyone? They're not modified as much as posed. PVC for the joints and a little elongation. Florescent orange paint for some eyesocket highlights.