This is such a good idea. I need to try this with my pup! #dogs #funny

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Everyone suffers from boredom from time to time. It's only natural for dogs to feel it too. Too often they can be left alone for long hours and get themselv

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Our dogs have active minds. And just as we need to challenge our mind to grow and learn, we need to do the same for our dogs.

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Muffin Tin & Tennis Balls ~ Does your Dane perform crazy indoor “zoomies” when you’re unable to get out for your daily walk? Check out 3 DIY dog puzzle feeders sure to help expend some of that pent up energy…and save a lamp or two!

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Six do-it-yourself food puzzles that will help keep your dog mentally and physically active.

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Bella is a very cleaver Belgian Malinois. But, this toy keeps her busy for hours without a need for her owner to lift so much as a finger.

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