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Building words activity. The different sounds are on separate bricks. The children have to listen carefully to the different sounds in each word and find the right grapheme. They can then press the sound buttons on the top of the mega blocks and blend the sounds to read the words they have built. A great phonic activity for early years which can be extended for more complex sounds.

from Have Fun Teaching

Blank Puzzle - 9 Pieces

Create Your Own Puzzle: 9 Piece Puzzle. Before you cut out this puzzle, color a picture on it. Then cut out the pieces and put it back together again! Hint: For best result use thick card stock paper. Information: Puzzle, Puzzle Craft, Puzzle Activity

from CBC Parents

Play Date Idea: Homemade Shape Puzzles!

Use their own toys to make a puzzle outline. Could then hide the toys in one room for an extra step. So clever and easy!


We have a whole collection of matchstick puzzles that are easy for you to print and enjoy. Use them as classroom worksheets or just to have some fun at home.


Well, there's the grid. All you have to do is arrange the numbers 1 through to 8 in the grid shown. The rules? No consecutive numbers should be next to each other, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Sounds simple? Have a go! You will realize fairly soon why I call it challenging maths puzzle.

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Free Printable Paper Craft Patterns and Templates

Jigsaw Puzzles. Print on Card Stock, have kids color or draw their own picture, then cut out for them to play with. Great rainy day activity!