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Push 2009

We all have seen the movie Pinocchio as a child. A puppet that sits on a shelf. He wishes to be real. I have made that same wish for myself. I wanna be real. Drop the act,take off the mask and feel..REAL. Lately I have been going through the motions and I am pulled by invisible strings. And I've pushed down the hurt and I've held back the tears. And covered up the dreams. But beneath it all, the me I buried long ago.. Is screaming to break free. Drop the act, take off the mask and feel real.


#GOALSSSS it's actually very nice to share a bed with your frens because that's like ultimate trust to me

from the Guardian

Anish Kapoor paints the Royal Academy red

Royal Academy -- London -- 2009 -- Anish Kapoor --

avante gard hair | 2009 avant garde Hair Style Picture - qhs30893


Salvatore Lombardi aka Sally Dogs, Genovese capo who died in 2009. He was also…


what I love about this is its actually Edens (the writer of 2009, 2022,etc.) grandma saying this XD