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Bridal Shower Game, "What is in Your Purse?" game with gold glitter (digital) and a sprinkling of pale blush hearts (33 br)

Bridal Shower Game Printable - What's in Your Purse? Purse Hunt

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Mason Jar Purse Game Bridal Shower & Wedding Game

This printable Purse game is perfect for any Bridal Shower or Wedding. Keep guests entertained while watching a bride open gifts at a shower, or

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What's in Your Purse Game Bridal Games, What's in Your Purse Bridal Shower Games Blush and Gold Bridal Shower Game Instant Download BR17

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Bridal shower game cards are a great activity for guests. This easy "What's in Your Purse?" game is perfect for all ages at a shower.

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10 Bridal Shower Game Ideas.

Pass out a checklist like the one above to all of the guest. Ask them to grab their purses and get ready. The players will then dig through their purse searching for all of the items on the list. When all players are ready you will take turns...

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