The Blue Iris is the state flower of Tennessee. As I was growing up, I looked forward to their showy colors every Spring.

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Dactylorhiza elata, Rogdersia , Matteuccia struthiopteris and Iris siberica 'Caesar's Brother' either side of the stream.

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Iris flower-The word iris is Greek for 'rainbow'. The iris flower meaning are faith, wisdom, peace of mind, friendship and hope. Purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments, yellow iris symbolizes passion, blue iris symbolizes hope and faith while white iris symbolizes purity. Irises may also express admiration and courage. February is a month of romance and iris is a fitting symbol.

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I love the DEEP purple of these irises. The greens surrounding frame it beautifully- my goal is a 4-season garden, and I hope to plan that after the irises come other riotous colors.

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Purple Iris Beds. If you like this garden, read our article on getting more iris blooms in your own garden at

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