~~Dahlia 'Diva' ~ 5” Incredible dark purple blooms on very long stems. The petals are very unique in that they come to a point at the edge. Beautiful! | Swan Island Dahlias~~

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~~Dahlia 'Lilac Time' | Dinnerplate type, beautiful violet colored flowers and is an excellent choice to grow in your flower border. Simply stunning, growing up to 3 ft tall, with full luscious leaves, Dahlia Dinnerplate Lilac Time will reward you with flowers from June to October (or early frost). | Flower Bulbs Inc~~

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Love a combination of dark purple dahlias, purple tulips, dark purple calla lilies, lavender ranunculus, and dark purple anemones

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Dahlia Thomas Edison. The classic purple dahlia. Thomas Edison's extra-large, velvety petals give this dinnerplate dahlia a regal look.

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Purple dahlias http://www.shop.embiotechsolutions.co.uk/GrowBest-EM-Seaweed-Fertilizer-Rock-Dust-Worm-Casts-3kg-GrowBest3Kg.htm

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Beautiful Purple Dahlia. Great flower to put in an alum or student flower arrangement or TCU wedding bouquet. Great in small vases on table tops too.

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