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Stop animal cruelty NOW!!! Puppy mills, whale killing, slaughter houses, poaching. Please stop and take a moment to realize God didn't just create Earth for us, but for animals also.


Please REPIN and help make a difference for puppy mills dogs:


Click to learn more about puppy mills and watch 3 videos about the horrors behind the scenes. Help spread the word to put a STOP to puppy mills.


Puppy Mills - Imagine having to live like this, and there is nothing they can do to help themselves! SO,SO SAD!!!!


Martin Luther King / Welfare Compassion Animal Quote Be a guardian of animals…


Spread the word. Don't purchase a puppy from a pet store or this is what you are supporting. #adoptdontshop #rescue


Puppy Farm Cruelty - The truth behind that 'puppy in the window' the pet industry wants to hide. Never buy: adopt from rescues and do your research on them first


This pin leads to a business that sells puppies on-line. These are puppy mills & backyard breeders. They dog may look pretty but will be plagued by lifelong illnesses due to careless inbreeding. The mothers live in cages and never feel love or human touch. Tell Pinterest that only shelters should be allowed to pin dogs for a fee.


Pet Store Puppies and Puppy Mills

This beautiful dog is a mother dog who was used as an "incubator" to get pregnant over and over again in a puppy mill. Puppy mills are just like feed mills. Places where feed is made. Except they use live animals who live in cages, get no veterinary care and are fed poor quality food to keep reproducing so they can sell the puppies. To read more about this dog and puppy mills, click on the link:


The puppies you get in the pet store all have a mom they left behind at a puppy mill. Just a number, probably without a name, and surely living a life without love or kindess. REPIN this image in honor of all the dog still living at the puppy mills. #lola #NMDR #rescue