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Life imitates art.

Punk! Would Love To Have a Print That Says This

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"Punk rock made me so much more aware... It reminded me that I've had an identity all along."

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I agree, we are an unusual but brilliant bunch :-)

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Just For Fun

If you put All Time Low and 5sos fans together, they wouldn't be in prison for downloading music illegally. They'd be going for murdering each other.<<<<

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the fact that they say 182% punk kills me... tell me someone gets this reference?

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That's not very punk rock of you prints and tees available at:

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I'm just too punk rock for this. *flips hair back*

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Punk Bands. Nirvana and Arctic Monkeys. ♥ Pretty sure The XX wouldn't class as punk though.... more electronica / indie pop

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You tell them mikey, always believe in yourself and you never know what will happen! Screw them, you've come this far don't stop now.

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