Free printable Punctuation vertical banner showing different punctuation marks along with a description of their different purposes.

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Students read the sentence strips and determine which punctuation is missing. They add the missing punctuation and assemble the craftivity! $

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Make sentences without the punctuation marks and kids have to decide whether it needs a question mark or period.

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These practice pages can help with reading fluency, expression, and correct usage of end marks in writing. Simple sentences using sight words and cvc words are easy to read and perfect for young students. Some of these will make your students think! Made to save your ink and more importantly, your time. Only $1.00.

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Great way to review ending punctuation. Posters, sentence sort, centers, and an assessment! You can never have too much review of this concept!

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Diy Punctuation Poster...I like this because it tells the students what the punctuation makes your voice do when reading a sentence.

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First Grade Punctuation Activities: Play Punctuation Red Light, Green Light Teachers: here's another idea for a lesson - it is simple and the kids will LOVE it -- especially your kids with tons of energy

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