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This is the BEST Dry Rub to make a perfectly seasoned pulled pork! So easy! {Brittany's Pantry}

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Bobby Flay's Dry Rub

I seen Bobby Flay's on a show and he gave this dry rub. I use it on everything and it doesnt matter what it is it turns out good.

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This is the best dry rub recipe I've come up with for barbecue! I recently used it on a couple of pork butts, and it was perfect. It creates such an amazing bark on the barbecue - even in the oven....

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crockpot pulled pork. Made this minus the cayenne and it was amazing. I put the juice in a squirt bottle and used that on the sandwiches.

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The Most Tender, Tasty, and Moist Pulled Pork Ever

This is a great recipe tutorial for how to make bbq pulled pork. I’ve made pulled pork in the crock pot or slow cooker before but it just didn’t turn out that great, it was a little stringy. But this is the best pulled pork I’ve made. It starts with a dry

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dry rub

pulled pork dry rub recipe ~ entire family LOVED this...I used the whole recipe (and subbed smoked paprika for regular) for rub on an 8# bone-in pork butt and covered it the night the morning, baked covered for one hour at 400 degrees, then for 5 more hours at 325 degrees. Shred and enjoy!

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Pork Roast

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. A simple pork recipe prepared in the slow cooker. Easy and delicious for tons of favorite pulled pork recipes. //

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