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Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children. If we don't teach them someone else will.


IT IS TIME NOW TO PRAY. ALL TOGETHER AND FOR THE SAME THING. | The Global Conversation by Neale Donald Walsch

Step by step guide on how to framing and defining a #public #problem and how to get a problem on a #public #agenda. Specify the issues and analyze the solutions. #500_07 #ILproblemdef #jrbarker

Public Agenda / poster - natarcita


Loving the No More campaign and have so much respect for the celebrities who stepped up to be part of the PSA


ARKive -The World's favourite species. The fourth most popular species is the grey wolf. An iconic animal and a source of both fear and respect, the grey wolf has inspired many cultures. Historically the grey wolf held the title of the world’s most widely distributed land mammal. Whilst its distribution is now more restricted, we hope the title of fourth favourite species in the world will give it a boost in the public agenda. Grey wolf facts The grey wolf is the largest member of the dog…

Forget Pre-K. American High Schools Are a Disaster.

ortant, there is an awful lot of room for improvement between them. American high schools, in particular, are a disaster. In international ...


Public agenda: a set of policies or issues to be addressed or pursued by an individual or group; also, a set of underlying motives for political policy

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