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Psychoactive Drug

How to make a Besom Broom @confessionsofcraftywitches The besom is the traditional witch's broom. It's associated with all kinds of legend and folklore, including the popular notion that witches fly around in the night on a broomstick. <- Video Tutorial more details Remember before you use a Besom in magickal ceremonies or rituals you need to consecrate it first


Drug Diagram. The further toward the fringe, the worse for you, I guess. This is really interesting, how many medications have intersecting purposes.

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Absinthe and Top Shop

Absinthe Label: This is the drink of choice in the 'Perfect drug' video (Ref: Perfect drug video) and will be used as a prop in my photo shoot. Rather than spending a large amount of money on an actual bottle of Absinthe I will use an empty bottle, fill it with glow stick liquid and print off the label to stick on the bottle. A small amount of the liquid will also be poured into the goblet (Ref: Clear Goblet)

antique medicines.... should be a cancer treatment today!

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Psychology or Health Psychoactive Drug Foldable directions and example


"We have been missionaries for over 6 years to a people who have been and continue to be destroyed by alcohol. NOW, WHENEVER WE SEE ALCOHOL, WE ONLY SEE THE DESTRUCTION IT CAUSES: Today, 3 children had to be taken away from their parents because of alcoholism: the mother is a registered nurse; the father served in the army."


Thirty-four Medical Studies Proving Cannabis Cures Cancer...God mustve put it on earth for a better use than its most common one. :)


Cannabis, also known by many other names, is a derivative of the Cannabis plant…

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