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Psychic Type Weakness

which pokemon are you? Water Ground, apparently. Although in reality I would definitely be Fire Fighting, or Fire Dark, or possibly even Fire Steel. That's just me! ;)

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10 Tips for Your First Professional Tarot Reading

Stay calm There are three types of Tarot clients. Excitable clients who wants a giggle and a laugh Nervous clients who may be frightened of what you may show them, or it’s their first time Skeptics All of these types (and more than likely ones that don’t fit in neat boxes) will smell weakness like a weakness-smelling thing. You gotta fake it till you make it, and then fake it a bit more. Public speaking is never wholly comfortable, and telling someone their fortune is always scary b

It’s thought that psychic-type Pokémon are weak to bug-type, ghost-type, and dark-type Pokémon because they are common fears. | 23 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Pokémon

Psychic-type Pokemon are weak to Dark, Bug, and Ghost-types. The reason for this is due to the fact that Psychic-types deal with the mind and Dark, Bug, and Ghost-types are 3 very common fears most people can associate with.

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TOP 10 Negative Characteristics Of Each Zodiac Sign

Each sign has certain characteristics, good and bad as well. Bad is not necessarily something fully negative. Once we identify the weaknesses of our zodiac signs it gives us a chance to reflect on the things we might want to improve on. Let’s see what are the negative characteristics of each #zodiac sign.