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True security comes from trusting in the God Almighty who cares for you. We trust in God's resources and wisdom rather than our own.

from Deliverance sermons and prayers

Commentary : Understanding Psalm 91

Psalm 91 Commentary Babalobi: + 2348035897435 There is a secret place God safely keeps believers. God is the Most high (vs1). God saves those who abide with Him (vs 1). God’s shadows protects. (vs 1) He is the Almighty (vs 1) He is a refuge (vs2). He is a fortress (vs2) He is trustworthy (vs…

Psalm 91 Prayer of Protection, worth committing to memory. It was also the first line of scripture texted to me after Austin's accident. Say to the Lord, "You are my Rock, my fortress, My GOD in whom I trust." Beautiful commentary on the power of our GOD & the miracles he gives to believers. EXPECT MIRACLES! :)

God as our protector: Psalm 91:1 Commentary - The Treasury of David