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An Ancient British Limestone Celtic Pagan Male Head (British). Provenance: Found in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. cf: illus. 33b, Pagan Celtic Britain, Anne Ross, shows a head in relief on a stone roundel from Wallsend, Northumberland with a similar hairstyle


Castell Henllys. "The Iron Age Celts' clothes might have looked like the tartan you see in Scotland and Ireland today, with checks and stripes. The Celts used berries and plants to dye the wool different colours."-BBC

from Mail Online

Mystery of 'feminine' skeleton found in lavish royal Celtic tomb

The remains of an ancient Celtic prince or princess found still wearing a solid gold torque and lavish bracelets in a grave filled with riches has left archaeologists baffled. The 2,500 year old royal grave, which is thought to date to the fifth century BC, was discovered in Lavau, near Troyes, is thought to have belonged to a member of a Celtic royal family.


'Orkney Venus' - a stone figurine (3.5cm by 3cm) found during 2009 excavations at Links of Noltland in Orkney (Scotland). © Crown Copyright reproduced courtesy of Historic Scotland.