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Protein In Bacon

“Try this bacon and feta cheese omelette for breakfast today. Cooked in @lucybeecoconut and packed with healthy fats and protein to fuel your day. Beats…”

from BBC Good Food

Vegetarian casserole

Mediterranean Lentil and Vegetarian casserole PER SERVING 216 kcalories, protein 12.3g, carbohydrate 31g, fat 5.1 g, saturated fat 0.7g, fibre 9.8g, sugar 16.1g, salt 1.6 g


Bacon, eggs and avocado That's #Leanin15


Try my carrot and courgette fritters with poached egg and bacon A quick and easy #Leanin15 breakfast @itvthismorning


B R E A K F A S T today's breakfast is some scrambled eggs cooked in some coconut oil with a crumpet topped with smashed avocado crispy bacon grilled tomato asparagus and some spinach and rocket #blogger #bodybuilding #booty #clean #healthy #health #fitfam #fitness #macros #muscles #motivation #health #healthy #protein #clean #cardio #weights #shred #bulk #gains #girlgains #girlswholift #girlsthatlift #workout #bbg #bikini #lean #iifym #nutrition

from BBC Good Food

Brazilian pork stew with corn dumplings

Try this simple one-pot take on the traditional Brazilian Feijoada, using pork shoulder - throw in leftover chorizo, ham or bacon

from delicious. magazine

Spiced bacon and lentils

Spiced bacon and lentils recipe {lentils are high in iron and protein!}

from Great British Chefs

Vegan baked beans

Tinned baked beans are a staple in most British kitchens, but they're very easy to make yourself. While many gourmet versions have added bacon or dairy, Becca's on hand to provide a tasty vegan version of the classic breakfast dish.

from Jamie Oliver

Healthy cheese & corn pancakes

Healthy Cheese & Corn Pancakes | Egg Recipes | Jamie Oliver “Cottage cheese is a great twist to this batter, making the pancakes super-light and fluffy, and as well as being lower in fat than all other cheeses, it's also super-high in protein ”


Bubble and squeak Once upon a time, thrifty Britons with left-over vegetabes and potatoes from a roast dinner wouldn't have even considered throwing them away - they'd have fried the remnants up to make bubble and squeak. The name comes from the sizzling noise the vegetables make in the pan,