. Protein is “thermogenic,” which means that it requires a lot of energy to metabolize and digest. Every time you eat protein it physically burns calories; in fact, protein burns approximately 1/3 of its calories through digestion. On top of burning calories, protein also helps keep blood sugar levels controlled and minimizes spikes in insulin. THAT’s the definition of a fat-blasting nutrient.

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7 High Protein, Low Carb Recipes! Want to lose weight?! The first place you start is in the kitchen. High protein low carbs is the way to blast fat and burn maximum calories! Here are breakfast recipes to start your weight loss journey.

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Sick of oatmeal? Give quinoa a shot! Check out this quinoa vanilla protein blast! #tayloredtraining

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The Protein Blast, a delicious blend of cranberry/orange juice, non-fat yogurt, orange sherbet, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and protein powder boasting 20g of protein! #healthy #fit #protein #shake #smoothie #fuel #pre-workout #post-workout #workout #fitness #fitfoods #juiceitup

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Bounce Natural Energy Balls Peanut Protein Blast 40 Balls X 49g Each at Megavitamins Supplement Store Australia.Peanut Protein Blast provides high quality protein easily assimilated by the body.Peanut Protein Blast very popular with gym members.

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